Key West fishing report,

From Madison River Fly Fishing aka Rob Kessler’s fishing adventures.

After many days of working straight I am finally checking in.  May has been interesting to say the least. We had to deal with 25-30 mph winds for 3 weeks. Then came the rain and 100% cloud cover for the last week. As you may know it is pretty hard to sight fish when you can’t see. But we were able to make magic happen with some tarpon.

This tarpon season has been either outstanding fishing or slim pickings. Tarpon are a SUPER moody fish when it comes to weather. So any change and they boogey off somewhere nobody knows about. Thank goodness when they did leave there were always a few around to cast and maybe pull on.

I am saying goodbye to Key West as I am flying to Montana tomorrow to start my summer trout season. I am planning on coming back to Florida sometime in October. But if you find yourself wanting to come down this summer while I am not here I can still line you up with a great captain. I am going to start building next years schedule later in June.

I still have some great dates for Montana if you want to come and chase your western fishing dreams.

To my clients, Thank You for a great season, laughs, and even some fish. I had a great time with you all!!!!!

Thank you for your interest in my site.

capt. Rob Kessler

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